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The public associates your business, product, or service with its distinctive branding, logo, design, slogan, wording, or image. These trademarks promptly establish your business as unique, elevating its reputation. Hence, safeguarding your trademark is imperative for preserving the meticulously crafted image of your business. At Olivo IP Law Group, PC, our attorney assists clients in the Beverly Hills area and throughout California in the registration and protection of trademarks. Whether you require guidance in registering your mark or pursuing action against an infringement, we provide the discerning advice and advocacy that your business deserves.

Legal Guidance in Trademark Registration: Crafting Your Brand Identity

You can establish and authenticate your ownership of a trademark through formal registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). During the application process, it is imperative to file either on a use-in-commerce or an intent-to-use basis, signifying that you are actively utilizing the mark or have a well-formulated plan for its imminent use. Our adept legal team excels in the preparation of meticulous applications submitted to the USPTO, ensuring compliance with all intricate requirements. A comprehensive search of the database is conducted to ascertain the existence of similar marks, and our attorney guides you through each stage of the application process. This includes providing a clear and articulate description of your mark along with a detailed representation of the goods or services it signifies.

Our Experienced Litigation Experts Shield Your Business Against Trademark Infringement

The utilization of your trademark by another company has the potential to result in financial losses and damage to your reputation. In instances where a company's analogous name, style, lettering, image, or other branding induces confusion, a valid infringement claim may arise. Our attorneys are dedicated to halting the unauthorized use of your trademark, seeking injunctive relief against the infringing party, and, when deemed advantageous, pursuing damages for unfair competition on your behalf.

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