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Once a creator commits a concept to a tangible form, the work automatically receives federal copyright protection. The creator is entitled to exclusive rights, including printing, selling, copying, licensing, distributing, and using the work. However, copyright infringement is a prevalent issue, and creators may fall victim unless proactive measures are taken to safeguard their works. At Olivo IP Law Group, PC, we extend our services to artists in the Beverly Hills area and throughout California, assisting in the protection of their work through comprehensive copyright registration. Our attorneys are dedicated to defending creators' copyrights against infringement and facilitating the monetization of their work through strategic licensing agreements.

Committed Legal Counsel Supports Creators in Protecting Various Copyrightable Art Forms

We address copyright matters for artists across diverse media, encompassing:

  • Books, stories, and poem
  • Musical composition
  • Dramatic work
  • Screenplays
  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Maps
  • Sculptures
  • Technical drawings
  • Photographs
  • Movies
  • Computer programs
While the scope is extensive, it's important to note certain limitations; for instance, a writer cannot copyright a title to a work.

Navigating Copyright Registration: Counsel and Guidance from Legal Experts

Copyright attaches automatically at the moment of creation, so a creator immediately has enforceable rights. Unfortunately, those rights are only enforceable through the common law, which requires the creator to prove actual damages. Because it is very hard to prove how the reproduction of a photograph (or other artistic work) actually harmed the artist, suits for common law infringement are rarely effective, unless the infringer has made a substantial amount of money from his illicit use of the work. For example, lawsuits alleging plagiarism of the tune for a hit song or the plot of a hit movie can recover substantial damages.

In most cases, a creator is not fully protected unless the work has been registered formally with the U.S. Copyright Office. Registration allows the creator to sue for statutory damages which generally fall between $750 and $30,000 per work, at the discretion of the court. In cases of willful infringement, a plaintiff may be entitled to as much as $150,000 per work.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) provides additional protections for infringements on the internet and empowers creators to demand that internet service providers remove access to infringing materials. With the creation of new virtual worlds on the Internet, new legal issues are arising. Our firm keeps current with emerging law, so you have optimal protection.

For work created after 1978, the U.S. Copyright Office grants copyright for the full extent of an author’s or creator’s life plus 50 years. Copyright is recognized by many countries through the Universal Copyright Convention, so your protection extends internationally.

Accomplished law firm handles licensing agreements

When a creator wants to license a work for use, our attorney negotiates licensing agreements that protect the creator’s rights and enables a reasonable return. If another person or company attempts to infringe upon your copyright, we pursue all available legal remedies. Our attorney first demands that the infringer cease and desist unauthorized actions. However, often the most beneficial resolution is for the creator and the infringer to enter into a licensing agreement. This allows the creator to monetize the work and the infringer to escape onerous penalties.

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