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It takes a lot to develop a new product, brand or creative work. At Olivo IP Law Group, PC, with offices in Beverly Hills, New York City and Princeton, New Jersey, we understand the legal and practical implications of bringing a product to market and represent clients throughout New York, California and New Jersey in the prosecution, enforcement and monetization of intellectual property. Having decades of experience, our attorney offers can advise clients on complex issues and help them accomplish a wide range of goals. Whether you need advice on licensing and monetizing your work or assistance with a patent or trademark infringement action, our firm will help you make sound decisions.

What should you expect during the patent prosecution process?

The patent prosecution process is extremely complicated, and a knowledgeable attorney can ensure your application has the best chance of succeeding. Examples of issues an attorney will evaluate include the type of patent to file, where to file it and the likelihood of whether a patent would issue. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office then reviews the claim and takes action. This latter process can take months or years, depending on the nature of the claim. Our attorney guides clients through every step of this process and will work to obtain the broadest possible protection for your invention.

How long is a trademark enforceable?

Trademarks are an important way companies preserve and expand the reach of their brand, as well as generate a steady stream of licensing income. Unlike patents and copyrights, registered trademarks do not have a set expiration date, and remain valid as long as the trademark is in commercial use and renewed every three years. It is possible to lose a trademark through nonuse. Our attorney will conduct a thorough review of your trademark portfolio to determine if any of your marks might be in jeopardy.

What types of works can you copyright?

Copyright is intended to protect original, authored creative works, such as books, music, movies and computer software. Ideas or methods of operation may not be copyrighted, and an attorney can help you understand whether your work would qualify for protection. Enforcing your copyright can be tricky with modern technology, but our attorney will examine your situation and advise you on your best legal options.

How can you protect your trade secrets?

Trade secrets are extremely valuable but are only effective so long as they are neither disclosed nor disseminated. The following are some actions companies can take to protect their vital information:

  • Limit access
  • Use nondisclosure agreements
  • Monitor employee internet activity
  • Pursue theft cases
  • Use electronic security
  • Perform annual audits

Trade secrets being leaked can lead to highly contested litigation. Whether you are looking to take action against another party for selling trade secrets or fight such an action, our attorney will strongly advocate for you.

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